Employment Law covers all the aspects of an employee/employer relationship, including the pre- and post-hiring relationship. There are thousands of federal and state laws, administrative rules, and judicial decisions that govern the rights and duties of employers and workers. The majority of these laws are designed to keep employees safe, avoid discrimination, and ensure that employees are treated fairly, but a fair number of laws and regulations are meant to also protect the employer’s interests.

Any business with more than one employee should be aware of the numerous employment laws that affect their business. Our clients are able to take advantage of our employment attorneys’ experience in reviewing business practices and identifying employment law issues. Some of the most prominent issues businesses should be aware of are: wage and hour requirements, benefits like family and medical leave, wrongful termination and workers’ compensation.

The Franchise & Business Law Group works with employers to provide employment advice, build employee relations, and help avoid legal pitfalls through strategic planning. We also advise and assist with the drafting and review of employee handbooks and policies, as well as drafting and negotiating employment agreements and independent contractor agreements.

Independent Contractors

A business typically hires two types of workers: employees and independent contractors.


Wage and Hour Issues

Federal Law requires that employers pay a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour