They work together with us to prevent, predict, and solve problems we couldn't tackle on our own.-Ivan Utrera, President of Phoenix Franchise Group, LLC
When I first decided to franchise my business, Singers Company, the idea and process was daunting and overwhelming. However, after my first meetings with the law firm, I knew that I had the fortune of finding a law firm and group of attorneys who could put my fears and anxieties to rest. And, they continue to do so at every step of the way.- Singers Company
From Day 1 with The Franchise and Business Law group, I have been impressed with their knowledge, expertise, and experience. At various times, we have had to rely on the Franchise and Business Law group for all three of the above qualities, and they have come through with flying colors. I would recommend this group to anyone, and I would certainly recommend this group to anyone who is starting or franchising their business.-Riley Jensen, Co-Founder of Mountain West Elite
They consistently look out for what's in the best interest of us as the franchisor.-Scott Crandall, The Dirty Dash®
One of the greatest benefits of working with FBLG is the peace of mind that comes with their services. They pay attention to detail and anticipate difficult legal predicaments, which is vitally important in avoiding litigation and issues down the road.- Crumbl Cookies
Our franchise business has grown from one store to sixty in a relatively short time frame. Without Jeff's franchising expertise, business wisdom, and fatherly role in counseling us every step of the way, there is no way we could have realized this level of sustainable success!-Nate Kelsey, President of Real Deals, Inc.
FLBG have been fantastic to work with, we would not hesitate to work with them again, or to recommend them to any other organization looking to implement a franchise system for their company.- Get Air
Working with The Franchise & Business Law Group has been a game changer for our small business. When we first set out to franchise our company we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of information and regulations set before us. The entire team (from attorneys to legal secretaries) made this process achievable.  The Franchise & Business Law Group took the time to learn about our business and help us to make decisions that were right for us. We could not be happier with our experience and what it has done for our business!-Kelley Rosequist, Administrator of Dog Training Elite Franchising, LLC
The Franchise & Business Law Group has been a vital component to my business for more than a decade. Their group of attorneys have acted more as business strategists than just a simple lawyer in each interaction I have with them. I have not found one firm to have the breadth of knowledge, experience and passion for the franchise and business field as I have with them. I refer everyone I know is looking for a franchise attorney to the Franchise & Business Law Group.-Andrew Smith, CEO of Four Food Group Holdings, LLC
We consider this law firm an integral part of our success as a company and rely on their expertise to help us steer our business towards the path of achievement. We are continually impressed with how this law firm does not act like a typical law firm; they care about us as clients, as a business, and as individuals.- Fortusis