Commercial Law Attorneys


Commercial law crosses multiple areas of law, including business contracts, intellectual property and the sale of goods and services. It includes the drafting, negotiating and amendment of contracts between businesses and individuals and is governed by both federal and state laws. While each state has its own right to regulate commerce within its borders, the federal government has the ability to govern and regulate commerce between states. In order to try to coordinate these laws, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was developed. The UCC codifies the rules related to commercial transactions involving the sale of goods.

Sound complex? It is. Commercial law crosses multiple areas of law. But our skilled commercial law attorneys can help navigate the countless issues you and your business may face during the life of the business, including:

• Contracts
• Intellectual Property
• Landlord/Tenant
• Sales
• Debtor/Creditor
• Banking
• Negotiable Instruments
• Real Estate Transactions


Professionally drafted business contracts from our commercial law attorneys promote effective and lasting business relationships.


Commercial Leases

Commercial property leases are complex agreements that may be confusing to inexperienced landlords and tenants.