Franchisors traditionally provide ongoing support for their franchisees to ensure that they have the best chance to succeed. They need your leadership and experience as their franchisor. One essential means to provide support is through regular franchise location visits.

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Periodic trips to your franchise locations foster good relations between franchisor and franchisee, leading to higher-quality operations and increased profits.

Site Visits Help Franchisors Reinforce Brand Standards

You provide your franchisees with everything they need to run their businesses. And you expect them to uphold the standard of quality you expect — and that the franchise agreement requires. But without your watchful eye, franchisees may cut corners.

Noncompliance with franchisor requirements can harm the bottom line, not just for the franchisee, but for your entire franchise system. To ensure the success of your enterprise and keep your brand reputation intact, standards must be met across all locations.

During a site visit, you’ll have the chance to observe how the franchisee is actually running the business. You can also address your franchisor brand standards checklist, taking appropriate corrective action if you find any noncompliance issues.

Franchisors Can Use Franchise Location Visits to Provide Training

Franchise location visits aren’t just about enforcing your franchisor brand standards though; they also give you an opportunity to provide ongoing training for your franchisees.

A site visit is the perfect time to offer in-person training on new products, company-wide initiatives and improved customer service or management methods. Franchisors may also need to provide refresher training at some franchise locations.

In addition, you’ll be able to work collaboratively with your franchisee to develop more efficient business practices based on your observations and performance analysis. If you approach these visits as learning opportunities for you as well as your franchisees, you may be surprised by the resulting benefits for your entire organization.

Franchisors Can Identify Marketing Strategies for Franchise Locations

As a franchisor, your comprehensive view of the franchise system as a whole allows you to offer valuable marketing advice to your franchisees.

Franchisors have a wider frame of reference for effectively marketing the brand. By exploring advertising and sales results of individual franchise areas, you can identify market-specific factors that do or don’t work well. By working with individual franchisees, you can assist them in making adjustments and improvements to grow their revenue base.

This micro approach often allows franchisors to identify potential problem areas that are affecting sales, and help franchisees brainstorm effective solutions. Coaching may be a part of this location-specific approach as well. Franchisees with slumping sales may need extra encouragement and advice to push through effectively.

Franchise location visits can help you lead all of your franchisees to success. An experienced business law team can provide assistance and answers for your franchise law questions. Contact the experienced attorneys at the Franchise & Business Group in Provo, Utah, today, to learn more about how we help our franchisor clients succeed.