What is a Franchise Contractors’ Group?

A franchise contractors’ group is a franchise entity in the construction industry.

A construction franchise can entail any aspect of the construction industry, from home building and decorative concrete laying to the construction of strip malls.

As a contractor, you can choose to start your own business instead of becoming a franchisee. However, when you invest in a franchise contractors’ group, you can significantly reduce your workload and focus more on the work you enjoy.

Why You Should Invest in a Franchise Contractors’ Group

Investing in a franchise contractors’ group can benefit you in the following ways.

It’s a Lucrative Business

According to the US Census Bureau, the construction industry is a billion-dollar industry. Even during a pandemic, the construction industry saw growth in most categories.

Home and business owners need contractors, construction workers, and people willing to do handyman type jobs around their properties.

Regardless of your specialty, there’s likely a franchise contractors’ group that will fit your field of construction expertise.

You Don’t Need to Build Something from Scratch

Starting a business from the ground up is time-consuming and laborious. You’ll need to:

  • Hire a team of employees, including construction workers and a management team
  • Market and advertise your business

During your workday, you’ll spend a lot of time engaging in administrative, managerial, and marketing duties, in addition to doing much of the building work yourself – at least in the beginning.

When you invest in an already-established franchise, you’ll still have to operate the business side of things, but you’ll be able to reduce how long it takes to:

  • Get your business up and running
  • Find employees
  • Find and attract customers

You’ll Have a Good Reputation from the Start

Besides having a done-for-you (DFY) business and brand, another reason why employees will want to work for you and clients will want to hire you is due to the good reputation of the franchise.

The brands that are the most popular and last for years are those that have good reputations. People know that the level of service or quality of the product is going to meet their expectations.

As the franchisee of a construction company or contractor group, you’ll receive training from the franchisor that will help you add to your expertise. Additionally, their training will include guidelines for safety and quality that, when implemented, will help you build upon the good reputation that the franchise has provided for you.

Why Talk to a Franchise Attorney Before Making Your Decision?

Owning and operating a franchise requires a lot of time, money, and training. Before making any investment, it’s best to talk to a franchise attorney. An attorney can walk you through the process to make sure a franchise is the best fit for you, plus they can inform you of any legal red flags pertaining to the franchise contract or the company itself.

Are you interested in franchising a contractor’s group or joining such a franchise? Contact us to help you set up a successful plan of action.