Building a highly successful franchise system is the goal of every franchisor. Yet, for some franchisors, those visions never become a reality.

For Franchise System Success, Overcome These 5 Challenges

Not every franchise concept is destined to thrive. However, franchisors who understand the challenges they face can develop effective strategies for overcoming or avoiding the obstacles to successful business expansion.

No. 1: Having Enough Capital to Sustain the Franchise System

Many franchisors underestimate the amount of capital they’ll need in the beginning. The reality is that the costs of franchising a business and supporting new franchisees can exceed the profits from royalties and franchise fees for at least the first year.

No. 2: Creating a Solid Franchise System Infrastructure

Franchisors often fail to establish franchise procedures, systems and support processes before embarking on business expansion. Without a solid infrastructure, franchisees can’t get the assistance they need to become successful.

No. 3: Bringing the Right People to the Franchise Team

Not all franchisors take enough time to hire the right employees for their franchise team. Finding team members who effectively represent the company’s core values isn’t easy, but it’s a must for franchisor success.

No. 4: Finding and Attracting the Right Franchisees

Long-term success for a franchisor depends largely on the quality of their franchisees. And today, recruiting well-qualified franchisees often boils down to money — the cost to find and attract candidates who are willing to invest can run into the thousands.

No. 5: Developing Solid Relationships with Franchisees

It’s not enough to recruit the right franchisees. Ongoing support is essential, and franchisors who don’t build strong relationships or treat franchisees well have less of a chance for success.

Tips for Building a Successful Franchise System

If you’re thinking of entering the world of franchising and want to set yourself up for success, don’t try to go it alone. Working with an experienced franchise attorney can help you establish a strong foundation for business expansion.

In addition, make sure you understand your role as a franchisor. Running a business is very different from working as a franchisor, and if you want to be successful, you’ll need to focus your attention on finding, training and supporting franchisees.

Furthermore, to be a successful franchisor, you’ll have to commit to adapting your franchise system to meet the ever-changing market. While the basics should be nailed down before you launch any franchises, you should always look for ways to improve.

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