St. George

A renowned place to do business, St. George, Utah has a number of thriving industries including leisure and hospitality, transportation, education, health and construction. The recession gave many people the “push” they needed to start their own business or franchise. Layoffs meant the opportunity to chase dreams that had been resting dormant, whether it was franchising a favorite restaurant or finally taking the entrepreneurial plunge and starting their own company.

Starting any type of business is a risk, but why not stack the odds in your favor? With reputable legal protection from the Franchise & Business Law Group, St. George business owners enjoy peace of mind knowing they are getting solid guidance and support from a fellow local business.

Depending on the type of business, partner(s) and your goals, there may be a myriad of paperwork in your future. From trademark issues to drafting contracts, mergers, acquisitions and making sure new employment paperwork is up to snuff, the vast majority of small business owners do not moonlight as attorneys. Legalities can get entrepreneurs into trouble if they are not careful. People are always told to read the fine print—but what if it reads as a lot of mumbo jumbo?

The Franchise & Business Law Group is the St. George small business owner’s ally, providing clear guidance and advice, as well as taking care of drafts and paperwork so entrepreneurs can get back to taking care of business.

A Well-Rounded St. George Law Team

Part of creating a successful business or franchise is making sure everyone in your group is of the best caliber—and this includes your legal team. However, most St. George businesses do not need (and cannot afford) around the clock, in-house legal departments. This is when Franchise & Business Law Group steps in and saves the day.

There are times you need more legal support, and times you need less. No matter what your legal demands, you can rely on this locally-based firm to always be at the ready whether it is for a licensing agreement or to open your first franchise.

Business simply cannot grow, yet alone thrive, if the paperwork is not in place. The Franchise & Business Law Group specializes in St. George trademark issues and applications, establishing business entities from non-profits to C-corps, estate planning on a variety of scales, and every possible nook and cranny of business law. St. George has a lot to offer, from the stunning landscapes to that warm southern Utah climate, so it is no surprise many entrepreneurs want to do business here. Make it easier on yourself and your business by trusting legal matters to your neighborhood business/franchise legal team.

There are a multitude of potential complications no matter how big or small the business. Keeping things legal, streamlined and delegated to the right professionals can make all the difference in St. George.