4 Questions Franchisors Should Ask When Vetting Franchisees

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When established franchisors get inquiries from would-be franchisees, the usual course of action is to schedule a phone call. A conversation allows both parties to determine if the potential for a lon ...

Should You Franchise Your Business? Weighing the Pros & Cons

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franchise your business

Before you take steps to franchise your business, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of this important decision. Franchising can be a successful strategy for growth, but it isn’t the rig ...

Developing a Franchise System Social Media Policy

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For a franchise system, social media can have a substantial marketing impact. However, it can also expose the franchisor to liability.   Because of the legal risks involved, experts recommend tha ...

Franchising Pitfalls: Potential Legal Issues for New Franchisors

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franchisor legal issues

Franchising can be an effective business growth strategy, but with all the legalities involved, becoming a success as a new franchisor is certainly no easy task. Every business venture comes with risk ...

Franchisee Noncompliance: When to Contact a Lawyer

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franchisee noncompliance

Franchisee noncompliance can affect brand integrity and even the financial viability of your entire franchise system. Consumers expect an identical experience at every franchised outlet, and if one of ...