How Does Business Law Differ from Commercial Law?

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Utah commercial and business attorneys

Business law and commercial law have many interrelated issues, and the majority of attorneys who practice one also practice the other. But, the two legal specialties are not one and the same. Business ...

Estate Planning: Can a Trust Help You Avoid Probate Court?

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Complex estate planning lawyer in Utah

Estate planning experts warn that the probate process can tie up your property for several months or longer, and the accompanying fees can total up to 5 percent of your estate’s value. Furthermore, ...

How to Choose a Business Attorney

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Business attorney in Salt Lake City

The right business attorney can see you through the legal matters you face as a business owner. From employment issues and contracts to founder agreements, trademark protection and raising venture cap ...

Succession Planning for Franchisors

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Business and franchise succession planning

Succession planning is critical for any business owner. But for franchisors, having a business continuity plan in place is imperative to ensure ongoing operations. Large corporations generally have th ...

Complex Estate Planning for Business Owners

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Complex estate planning

For business owners and those in private practice, estate planning can become highly complex. Not only must you determine how and to whom your financial holdings will be disbursed, but you must also p ...