3 Secrets to Franchisor Success

Author: admin

franchisor-success Becoming a successful franchisor is no small feat. Franchising offers a low-cost means of expansion, but it isn’t a guaranteed path to success. Why do some franchisors succeed, while others neve ... Read More

FDD vs. Franchise Agreement: What Is the Difference?

Author: Kara Martin

franchise agreement The franchise agreement and the franchise disclosure document (FDD) are frequent sources of confusion for many first-time franchisors and prospective franchisees. Each of these documents plays a criti ... Read More


Should I Incorporate? Choosing the Form of Entity for Your Business

Choosing the form of entity by which to conduct business is one of the first, and often most important, questions faced by someone starting a business. Several factors determine which form of business ... Read More


IRS and Independent Contractors

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced it is undergoing an extensive initiative to identify businesses that are incorrectly classifying employees as independent contractors. For those busine ... Read More