How to Choose a Franchise Attorney 

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Choosing the right franchise attorney is key to becoming a successful franchisor. Entering the world of franchising is a complex venture, and a good lawyer can protect your interests and help you reach your business expansion goals.

With well over a million lawyers in the United States, finding the right franchise attorney can be a challenge. As you search, consider the following three criteria to help you narrow down the field.

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Franchising and Business Law Expertise

With over 35,000 new franchises sold every year, many attorneys can claim to have a background in franchise law. Some, however, only dabble in franchising and business law. But as a new franchisor, you should hire a specialist.

Before consulting with a franchise lawyer, look at the practice areas listed on their website. Franchisors are best-served by attorneys who concentrate on franchise and business law. In addition, check their credentials — franchising publications, speaking engagements and awards are all good signs that an attorney is well-equipped to help build your business.

Focus on Franchisors and Business Expansion

After you evaluate an attorney’s franchising and business law expertise, you need to find out where their experience lies. You only want to hire a franchise lawyer who specializes in working with franchisors.

An attorney who mainly works with franchisees may not regularly draft FDDs, a crucial element for new franchisors. Plus, any lawyer who doesn’t focus on the franchisor side of the equation may be too pro-franchisee with their legal advice. So experience isn’t enough — your franchise attorney needs expertise representing startup and emerging franchisors.

Franchise Attorney Accessibility

Large franchise law firms have strong connections within the franchising community, and their resources can offer added value to new franchisors. That said, hiring a large firm often means working with associates — much of your business expansion won’t actually be handled by partner-level attorneys.

A smaller law firm that specializes in franchising and business law can be a better choice. The drafting work won’t be delegated to an associate, who’s certain to be much less qualified than the franchise attorney you consulted and hired. And many small firms offer exceptional client-focused service that rivals that of any large firm.

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